Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FrankieSoundDj - Live Set From Moscow Pt. 2

FrankieSoundDj - SoundWaves Pt. 2 - Live Set From Moscow


It's 2nd part of night in Moscow a great success with one of my best House Music Dj Set...Everybody Dance!!!

Top Moscow Clubs
Krysha Mira Club | Chapurin Club | Imperia Lounge

1. Krysha Mira Club
address: Tarasa Shevchenko, Moscow
website: www.krysamira.ru

                                                           Krysha Mira Club - Moscow

The Krysha, or “rooftop”, Mira Club is true to its name. Located on a rooftop next to the Moscow River, this venue is especially luxurious during the summer when couches and cabanas are prevalent. The venue is an airy open space covered by a tented roof and glass walls. Krysha Mira Club draws in celebrities and models, making it an exclusive “high end” nightclub. Aside from the river, Krysha also views the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel and the White House, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin runs the country.

2. Chapurin Bar
address: Kuznetsky Most 6/3, Moscow

website: www.chapurin.ru

                                                              Chapurin Bar - Moscow

Chapurin Bar is yet another extension of famed Russian fashion designer Igor Chapurin’s successes. The interior design of this bar and boutique was designed by the designer himself. All furniture and lighting applications are from Chapurincasa, Chapuirn’s interior design and home decoration line. The sparkling staircase that connects the two floors of the nightclub stands out. Another attractive feature is the color of the water that runs from the tap, which changes between blue and pink depending on the temperature. Chapurin Bar also hosts a menu of French cuisine.


3. Imperia Lounge
address: Mantulinskaya str. 5, bldg. 7, Moscow
website: www.premierlounge.ru

                                                            Imperia Lounge - Moscow

Imperia Lounge is one of the top night clubs in Moscow. The investments in the venue were quite high which transformed into really high quality and high tech design.
This place was brought to us by the team of pioneers of the Moscow nightlife under the leadership of Alexey Gorobiy. Alexei constructed and managed some of Moscow’s top venues that have actually become the trend setters for the local night scene. The places that were managed and built by Alexei and his team include the famous Titanic, Shambala, Zima, Leto, Osen and Dyagilev club. The well known Moscow’s face control also has it’s origins at the venues managed by Alexei. Pasha Pichugin also known as Pasha Face Control has been managing the door policy at all of Alexei’s projects.

Imperia Lounge has two dance floors, a large lounge area and a summer veranda. What’s unique about this place is that the walls and the ceiling on one of the dance floors are actually made of smaller plazma screens merged into one huge screen area. These screen walls are used to project various graphics and video installations during the parties.

Live Set FrankieSoundDj
Genre: Funky House, Disco House, 70th Remixes, Progressive House, Latin House, Jazzy House
Connection Download Link: SoundWaves Pt. 2 click also on cd cover image                                                    


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