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Professional DJ since 1982 job activity especially in Italy along the Adriatic
Coast, home of the disco phenomenon of italian lands.

Worked with important artists and productions such as in 2002 when was official Dj of Operacion Triunfo Tours with whom had opportunity to travel and make known the most important clubs of Spain.

In the summer of 2003 also worked as official Dj for the known television
program called "Festivalbar" and traveling to the most important italian
cities, broadcast program by Mediaset Italy and precisely on Italia 1.

Was music engineer of the Eros Ramazzotti World Tour in the 2003-04 winter, with whom had the good fortune to be able to produce private parties created during and for the Tour.

As said, the career as Dj began in 1982 in club called Akimbo in Cattolica city

Below can see the work process as a resident dj:

1982 - Resident Dj at Akimbo Club - Cattolica (Fo)

1983 e
1984 - Resident Dj at Champagne Club - Cattolica (Fo)

1985 - Resident Dj at Much More - Matelica (Mc)

1986 - Spray Disco Club - Ancona

1988 e
1989 - Zen Club - Porto San Giorgio (Fm)

1991 e
1992 - Resident Dj at Aqua Disco Village - Marcelli di Numana (An)

1993 - Resident Dj at Fifth Avenue Disco - Castelidardo (An)

1994 - in summer Resident Dj at Taunus Club - Numana (An)

1994 - 1995 in winter Resident Dj at Odissea - Osimo (An)

1995 - in summer Resident Dj at Taunus Club - Numana (An)

1995 - 1996 in winter Resident Dj at Miami Disco - Monsano (An) - 
          Resident  Dj  at Barny's - Porto San Giorgio (Fm) - 
          Resident Dj at  Baxter - Porto Potenza Picena (Mc)

1996 - in summer Resident Dj at Villa degli Aranci - Pedaso (Ap)

1996 - 1997 in winter Resident Dj at Miami Disco - Monsano (An)

1997 - in summer Resident Dj at Nosy Bè - Ancona

1997 - 1998 in winter Resident Dj at Babayaga - Teramo (Te) - 
          Resident Dj at Acli - Jesi (An) - 
            Resident Dj at Shalimar - Senigallia (An)

1998 - in summer Resident Dj at Tiburon - Porto Sant'Elpidio (Fm)

1998 - 1999 in winter Resident Dj at Tartaruga - Macerata (Mc) -                      
          Resident Dj at ZeroBabele - Marzocca (An)

1999 - in summer Resident Dj at Nosy Bè - Ancona

1999 - 2000 in winter Resident Dj at Odissea - Osimo (An)

There are countless evenings held during this period as a special guest at
place like La Villa delle Rose, Prince, Paradiso, Byblo's, Q, Zen Club,
Conchiglia Verde, Osteria della Cucagna, Millionaire Club, Baia Imperiale.

2004 untill 2010 in winter Resident Dj in Tutta Tua Disco - Porto Recanati (Mc)

Since the beginning of 2011 decided to start spreading Dj sets outside Italy.

FrankieSoundDj founded a production brand called "Love Generation Project", behind which organizes tours and parties at the best clubs in the world.

The musical repertoire performed during all these years has accentuated
search for old-style melodies appropriate to house disc features
also often tend to funky, do not dislike steps in tribal and latin house
to give a solar image and increasingly sought almost never boring.

Currently believe in a fusion of all kinds with which the nu disco,
the french touch or french house with sounds that fit even in soulful.

If you are interested to listen FrankieSoundDj sets do not hesitate downloads are free download searches for evenings in the category.

If, however, you need to get in touch with FrankieSounddj please do not hesitate, the FrankieSoundDj data are available to contact

Welcome to FrankieSoundDj world full of melody and rhythm!

About FrankieSoundDj is as important as published by a leading newspaper in Eastern Europe which attests to the quality of the sound produced and played during his performances.

in the window below can read and look about it

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