Thursday, June 21, 2012

FrankieSoundDj - Live Set From Hong Kong

FrankieSoundDj - In Da House Vol. 2 -

In this contest is just online new mixtape created from FrankieSoundDj with his rhythm with his joy for  dance music.

Download is free, click on cover image or in image below the cover, or also click and have it direct in   connection download link. 

Asian night party, lights of big city, it's Hong Kong, magical city, where people like nightlife like know people about different part of world, here where west fashion meet oriental tradition, where womans are so nice and so gentle, where people like dance with the groove of life.
Welcome in my night welcome in this my last party adventure, welcome in this wonderful land!

Top Hong Kong Clubs

1. Beijing Club
address: 2/F-5/F, Wellington Plaza, 2-8 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

Beijing Club - Honk Kong

Information about club

Inspired by the grandiose historical decadence of China's Imperial capitol, Beijing Club has been providing a premium nightlife experience for many since it's inception in 2007; in the competitive scene of Lan Kwai Fong, it is no small achievement for a club have such longevity.

From something as general as the dimensions of the venue to the minute décor, everything about Beijing Club is extravagant. Boasting to be the largest club in Hong Kong with a total area of twelve thousand square feet, party goers celebrate amongst the looming expanse of three separate floors with four dedicated bars as well as a massive American styled balcony. 

Beijing Club - Honk Kong

As for the decorations themselves, the interior of Beijing Club has always been notorious; coverage by press even extends to the way the toilets are gilded completely in gold. With imported materials from Italy, France, and Spain, the entirety of Beijing Club glitters with Hedonistic expression. Most breathtaking are the Austrian Crystals that drape elegantly amongst the ceilings reflecting the bold hues of the dynamic LED arrangements. This is the graceful chemistry of archaic refinement and technological boldness which in turn is the innovative signature feeling that Beijing Club is proud to express.

Musically, Beijing Club is many things. One hand, it is the cutting ground for many up and coming DJs in Asia who - eventually upon their debut in Beijing - result in an expansion of exposure for the rest of the world. Beijing Club has always been actively seeking out the next big thing to bring to its supporters, and the next big thing has often taken place in Beijing Club.

On the other hand, Beijing has been a stalwart support of well established International Mega Acts. In the year of 2011 alone, the venue has brought in the likes of DJ Frett, DJ Spenny, Petedown, Beatbreaker, DJ Ace, MC Stik-E, Jump Smokers, Kon-Tempt, Disco Fries, DJ Jekey, DJ Serafin, DJ Daddy K, DJ Starjack, DJ Scarmixxed, nthem Kingz, X-Factor, DJ Cowboy, MC G-ZO & DJ Exel, DJ Solarz, DJ Midi, DJ Guzie, DJ Greg Leigh, DJ Deville and many more. 

The evening at Beijing Club will be a familiar memory of exuberance and revelry.

Beijing Club - Hong Kong

2. Magnum Club
address: 3 & 4/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street,, Central, Hong Kong

Magnum Club - Hong Kong

Information about club

Located in the heart of Central, Magnum Club is the new heart of Central. This 13,000 Square Foot establishment pulses with the collective energy of Lan Kwai Fong; it is a two story 50 million dollar monolith dedicated to all the demanding requirements of an exclusive clientele. 

Tastefully luxurious, Magnum Club's magnificent décor heralds an inspiration from wine and champagne as bubble chandeliers inlaid with over 100,000 crystals burst in the centre of the 20 foot atrium for all to admire. As well, a transparent crystal staircase leading to the second floor envelopes an adaptive stage and crystal DJ Booth – the latter being the first ever in Asia. This brilliant use of crystal is further enhanced by another precedent; giant programmable hi-res LED walls vibrantly dance with lasers in tempo, penetrating and reflecting in radiant displays of Synesthesia. On the second floor are two expansive terraces - quick places to escape the excitement of Magnum Club's state of the art sound system for a relaxing drink amongst the sounds and soothing sights of a color-shifting fountain oasis.

Magnum Club - Hong Kong

As an industry Veteran and Chief Executive of Beijing Group, Rocky Wong is proud to have Magnum Club under his ken. With his uncanny sensibility of understanding what his clientele deserve, Wong is enthusiastically passionate when it comes to entertainment. It is clear that under his leadership, Magnum Club has climbed astronomically within its opening in 2011 to be one of the most popular destinations worldwide.

The Essence of Magnum Club is the absolute celebration and enjoyment of life. Whether it be through exclusive membership benefits, free entrance for all the beautiful women in Hong Kong, superstar acts like Lil Jon, high end fashion parties, an audiophile's sound system, resplendent golden toilets, Magnum Club's own television lifestyle show, a constant influx of legendary international DJs or just the fact that it's the hottest place to party 6 days a week, Magnum Club is bubbling with the vibrancy found only in Hong Kong, found only in the one of the best clubs of Asia.

Magnum Club - Hong Kong

3. Billion Club
address: 3/F, On Hing Building, 1-9 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Billion Club - Hong Kong

Information about club

Billion Club defines an ongoing golden era since opening it's doors in 2008. Since then, this Veteran establishment has seen it all, from epic full house parties to private and intimate events. A decadent 4000 square foot watering hole for those needing to quench their luxurious thirst, Billion Club provides an ideal spot for close contact with the young and refined.

Billion Club - Hong Kong

Part of the Beijing Group, many facets of Billion Club's design stem from the common theme of a hidden paradise amidst the busy streets of Central. Hedonistic fixtures such as crystal cascades, life-size Bronze Bulls on the cozy yet spacious balcony, the signature golden toilets, imported leather upholstery, private VIP booths and a giant centralized dance floor make for an interesting and sensual evening.

Playing the latest in Electro, Pop, Dutch House and Mash-up by the illest DJs in town, Billion Club still continues to please after all these years. Experience is key in the competitive world of Lan Kwai Fong, and Billion Club certainly has tenure.

Billion Club - Hong Kong

Live Set FrankieSoundDj
Genre: House Disco, Funky House, Tribal House, Latin House, Progressive House, Remix Sound, 70th Remixes
Connection Download Link: In Da House Vol. 2  click also on cd cover image.


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