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1. A free book – Digital DJ Tips “10 Common DJ Mistakes (And How to Avoid Making Them)” ebook shows you where DJs go wrong again and again, and how you can make sure none of these pitfalls happen to you

2. A free DJing course – Each week we look at a different aspect of digital DJing, with training info, a video, the chance to discuss the topic with our community, and links to further resources

3. The best of the DJing web – We’ll send you a weekly digest of what we’ve covered here on the blog, and the best of what everyone else is covering, so you know you’re up to date with the digital DJ world

4. Advice from pro DJs – Quotes from the stars (sometimes insightful, sometimes provocative, sometimes just plain funny) to make you think… and laugh!

5. Exclusive member-only offers and benefits – You get reduced rates and members-only exclusives on DJ and music industry products and services, that will definitely help you to improve as a DJ

The above builds week-by-week into a unique email course for all digital DJs – and it’s completely free.

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